New Live DJ mix from Orchid Evenings!

OrchidEveCoverAt long last, I’ve finally posted an hour mix from one of my sets at New York Botanical Garden’s Orchid Evenings in April.

Spinning World Music for a change was an amazing challenge, and I think you’ll agree that journeying outside my usual EDM box has allowed me to create a mix that’s truly unique and special.

This set is from the evening of April 12th, and journeys from lush loungy terrain all the way through to thumping Latin House, spanning continents and decades of international sounds.  The fusion and play between traditional World Music and dance genres dominates throughout, and the live Arabic remix of Tube & Berger’s “Imprint of Pleasure” is enough to make DJ aficionados weep with joy.  Heck, I even include a Salsa mix of my namesake song—kind of like spelling my own name out in the notes of a fugue 😉

Play it.  Download it.  Enjoy it.  Vive la différence!  This mix is hot.

Special thanks to Victor Chu for the cover photo.

DJing Orchid Evenings!

World Music: it’s a crazy thing, but some of these people actually recorded their songs without using a click track!  (All you DJs out there know what I’m talking about).  Luckily the music itself is amazing and I’m excited to be spinning it tonight, tomorrow, and for the next few Fridays among the lovely tropical orchids for Orchid Evenings at the New York Botanical Garden (the big one in the Bronx, not Brooklyn).  I got a chance to check it out this past month when my friend Julio was DJing and I can tell you first hand that it’s a beautiful and spectacular night out.

I’ll be DJing on April 5th, 6th, 12th, and 19th (all Fridays, and the 6th, which is a Saturday).  The event begins at 6:30pm until 9pm, and the Orchid Show itself is just a short walk from the Metro North stop.  I’ll be playing all World Music (blended with some electronic stuff), which has had me up to my ears in djembe and sitar for the past few weeks.  Tickets are $30 for non-members, $20 for members.  21 and over.

Here’s a link to info about the event:

And here’s a more direct link to purchase tickets:

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