Show and Tell Tuesday

Show and Tell Tuesday with Holie Barker and Ayesha AdamoOk, so Show and Tell Tuesday: it’s something cute I’m doing with my BFF and former roommate Holie Barker lately.  Basically, we show stuff.  And tell about it.  On a Tuesday.  Show and Tell…like when you were a kid.  Except kinda “adult” sometimes.

It all started this Fall, when we were shooting with our favorite photographer, John DeAmara.  We decided to take some video of us talking and interviewing him about photo stuff.  Holie said we need to do a show like this together, just to do it.  Then at some point during the dinner after our annual Nutcracker ballet tradition–as my parents were getting both Holie and me tipsy on champagne–I suggested show and tell…you know, like in Kindergarten.  And Holie finished the sentence with Tuesday.  And now, it’s something we’re doing on a weekly basis.  Check out some recent episodes here:

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