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Come See Me in The Pavilion by Craig Wright!

The Pavilion by Craig Wright Nov 6-22 at The Producer's Club NYC Directed by Michael Kostroff Starring: Ayesha Adamo, Jeffrey Delano Davis, Jon Adam Ross

I’m so excited to announce that I will be playing the role of Kari in Craig Wright‘s brilliant play, The Pavilion.  This project has been about a year in the making, and it all started when one of my actor friends, Jeffrey Delano Davis, called me up and asked if I wanted to do a reading.  Actually it all really began years before that, when I met Jeff on a short film that we were both cast in.  And then we kept running into each other at Equity auditions in the years to come, always saying that we should really try and do a play together at some point.

Well this is that play.  And it’s going to be amazing.  In addition to our stellar cast (Jeffrey Delano Davis, Jon Adam Ross, and me), we’ve got Michael Kostroff (of The Wire, The Blacklist, etc) directing.  To find out more about the production, go to:

Going to be in NYC sometime between November 6th and the 22nd (2015) and want to get tickets?  Good call.  Here’s the link for that:

Just want to make a donation to the production because good theatre is awesome? You can do that here:

Here’s the performance schedule:

November 6-22 at The Producer’s Club Theater NYC
358 West 44th Street, NYC

Fri. Nov 6 @ 8 pm (preview)
Mon. Nov 9 @ 8 pm (preview)
Thurs. Nov 12 @ 8 pm
Fri. Nov 13 @ 8 pm
Sat. Nov 14 @ 2 pm & 8 pm
Sun. Nov 15 @ 2 pm
Mon. Nov 16 @ 8pm
Thurs. Nov 19 @ 8 pm
Fri. Nov 20 @ 8 pm
Sat. Nov 21 @ 2pm & 8 pm
Sun. Nov 22 @ 2 pm

Hope you can come and check out this show.  I promise it will be unforgettable (in a good way).


Live at Verboten Mix and Tracklist

Ayesha Adamo Live at Verboten DJ Mix September 2, 2015

It was so amazing to get to play for the Rite of Wednesdays crowd at Verboten this month.  Here’s the full live mix from that night – a true progressive techno scorcher.  This technically challenging set loops in and out of all kinds of mental wormholes.  Complete tracklist below!


Blancah – Hummingbird (Original Mix) – Steyoyoke – Very Very (Butch Remix) – Moon Harbour Recordings

(Vocal Samples: Ayesha Adamo – Midnight Elite (Original Mix) – Newroz Recordings)

Manuel De La Mare & DANCElectric PHILIPE – Why So Serious (Original Mix) – 303 Lovers

Quivver – Everything Remains the Same (Original Mix) – Selador vs. Cubicolor – Clime (Original Mix) – Anjunadeep

Bog & Jonas Saalbach – Indie Rubels (Original Mix) – Bedrock Records

Kid Francescoli – Blow Up (Konvex & The Shadow, & Melokolektiv Remix) – Off Recordings

Los Paranos – Rise of Emotions (Original Mix) – Suara

Alchemical Disco – Atomic (Ayesha Adamo Remix) – Newroz Recordings

Scuba – Glacial (Original Mix) – Life And Death

Blancah – Casuar (Original Mix) – Steyoyoke

Terranova – Tell Me Why feat. Stereo MC’s (Danny Daze Remix) – Kompakt

Victor Calderone – Mole (Original Mix) – Intec vs. Nezzy Idy – Nova (Alchemical Disco Remix) – Newroz Recordings

Jel Ford – Overcast (Original Mix) – Drumcode

Carl Cox & Eric Powell – Moroccan Chant Number 2 (Roel Salemink & Drumcomplex Remix) – Bush Records

Midnight Elite Charts on Beatport!

Ayesha Adamo Midnight Elite Cover; Photo by John DeAmara; Newroz Recordings 2015

It’s so great to see this track—which seemed to be forever in the making—reach #16 in the Beatport Electronica charts!  The other remixes I created did pretty well too, reaching #29 in Deep House (a super tough category to chart in) and #77 in Techno!

Looks like all that time I spent with the analog modular synth paid off.  If you haven’t snagged a copy yet, get it here on Beatport:

Music written, produced and performed by Ayesha Adamo
Mixed by Lucius von Wahnfried
Mastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge, assisted by Rich Morales
Cover Photo by John DeAmara
Newroz Recordings 2015

Live Mix from Pacha and Ten Walls Response

This mix was recorded during my set last Saturday night, before the news about Ten Walls hit the internet in full force.  I have chosen to keep his new song, Blue Orphan, in the mix.  By no means is this meant to advocate the grossly homophobic sentiments expressed by Ten Walls in his recent rant.  However, it is meant to advocate a reverence for the sanctity of art beyond the oft-imperfect humanity of the artist.

Mario Basanov is responsible for his words, no doubt.  And the businesses that have dropped him from their lineups and rosters must make the business choice to rightly preserve the image of their companies by distancing themselves from a viewpoint that thankfully stands in opposition to their ethos.

But what do we really gain by removing Tem Walls’ songs from our libraries?  If we curate our creative palate on the basis of an artist’s ability to conform to any idea of right or wrong at all—whether social, political or moral—then we miss the chance to experience the great work of a William Burroughs or a Richard Wagner.  Indeed, we miss much.  Consider that Theodor Herzl, founder of Zionism, loved to listen to Wagner’s music and you begin to understand.  The excellence of the creative work stands by itself and naturally rises above the human imperfections of its earth-bound creator.

In the case of Mario Basanov, there is much to respect about his talent, as his level of songwriting, musicianship, and production are all consistently exceptional.  His creative output speaks for itself and for its own part, the creative work has never spoken ill of anyone. The music is innocent.  But more than that, transcendent.  As much as his rant offered something awful to the world, his music offers something truly great—a sound that inspired many fans and mimics for years now, and that sound has not changed.

We are often eager to point the finger, calling out the evil that’s “over there,” always “the bad guy” who stands nowhere near us.  Never us, but always them.  It is easier to choose a figure or a group as an emblem of all that is unseemly.  And when that figure is publicly destroyed, we can all feel that we’ve flushed out the evil, not realizing the sentiments we have partaken in during the destruction of “the bad guy” are our very own evils in action.  While some have responded to the Ten Walls incident with humor (as in the hilarious “It’s Raining Men” video), others have come from a place of retaliation and cruelty.  Are we any better for meeting hatred with hatred by our nasty online comments?  We don’t know whether this person went through something in his upbringing or life experiences that caused him to think the way he does—not that it would be an excuse, but it might change the nature of our response.  I wouldn’t want to be the one to shut out and ridicule someone who has already been hurting, which is always a possibility.  What kind of community do we want to build? One that meets intolerance with more intolerance?  Or do we treat people like people and understand them as the imperfect humans that we all are? Do we want to be a generation that can’t look past the shortcomings of the artist to see the excellence of the art?

There are artists who will use this opportunity to present themselves as the opposite of “the bad guy.”  There are lesser artists who will secretly rejoice to see someone of such superior talent fall so far; still others who would gladly have Ten Walls ghostwrite/produce the work that is well beyond the scope of their own talent while their suave words and wider grins keep them up on the soapbox, dropping beats another day.   Most of those artists aren’t making very compelling work.  There are many unskilled acts populating the charts and festival stages due to their congenial personalities in social media.  I myself would rather hear the Ring Cycle.   And so I’ve chosen to keep Ten Walls in the mix because the excellence of his work speaks to me in a voice much greater than the smallness of his personal rants.

Midnight Elite Music Video

Ayesha Adamo Midnight Elite Music VideoIf you haven’t done so already, check out the music video for your favorite version of Midnight Elite in the playlist below.  In addition to being the writer/producer/performer on the song, I also edited and shot the music video.  The ever incredible Bryce Churchill is responsible for the cool 3D effects.  Check it out!

DJing for Marco Bailey at Pacha NYC

Marco Bailey at Pacha NYC,  Saturday June 6, 2015I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be DJing at Pacha NYC this Saturday, June 6th when Marco Bailey takes over for a night of killer tech house and techno.  I’ve been a fan of Marco’s work for years and first became aware of him with his early Bedrock Records releases.  Here’s the address of Pacha, and be sure to mention Navy Promotions at the door for reduced cover (and it may even be free before midnight!)

Saturday, June 6th

Pacha NYC

618 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036

Filming Rose Donohue – Behind the Scenes

Check out the story from behind the scenes on the set of Rose Donohue—a smashing 1950’s who-done-it from writer/director Austin James Nunes. This collection of pictures that I gathered from the whole gang gives an inside look at what went down; they feature…
Our core cast: Jason Catron, Cheryl Aiello, Donna Roesel, and myself
Our director: Austin James Nunes
Our cinematographer: Holly Fischer
Our make-up artist: Timothy MacKay
Our hairstylist: Adi Nujedat
Our stylist: Vanessa Leigh
Photos by Justin Leo, Jason Catron, Austin James Nunes, and Ayesha Adamo

WREK EDM Sound System Mix Tracklist

AyeshaAdamo_EDMSoundsystemMixWREKHere’s the complete tracklist for my 3-hour Valentine’s Day mix for EDM Soundsystem:






Joris Voorn – MoMo (Original Mix)

Robert Babicz – Mercury Bells (Dub)

Ian O’Donovan – Atoll (Original Mix)

Tash – Rebirth (Navid Mehr Last Goodbye Remix)

Pentatones – Karma Game (Steve Bug Retouch)

Millok, Zigelli – Feel Me (Mario Basanov Remix)

KANT – Dyster (Animal Trainer Remix)

The Acid – Ghost (Oliver Schories Remix)

Chris Rockz, SKO and Soulstar500 – Jade Symphony feat. Wu Teng (Original Mix)

Eelke Kleijn – Space Disco (Original Mix)

Alchemical Disco – Atomic (Ayesha Adamo Remix)

Plastikman – EXposed (Dubfire Remix)

Sebastian Mullaert – Direct Experience (Nick Dow Remix)

Chus & Ceballos, Oscar De Rivera – Blowing Minds (Dosem Remix)

Depeche Mode – Precious (DJ Dan 4 A.M. Mix)

Pride – Luca Cassani (Original Mix)

Henry Saiz – Haunted Girl Canyon (Eelke Kleijn Remix)

Rodg – Someone Said feat. Patrick Baker (Original Mix)

Alchemical Disco – Firebird (Original Mix)

Roger Shah & Sian Kosheen – Hide U (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)

LaMeduza & Silence Groove – Capture (Vitodito Remix)

Phaxe – Drums & Guns (Audiomatic Remix)

Johan Vilborg – Dynalife (Original Mix)

Depeche Mode – World In My Eyes (Cicada Remix)

Phaxe & Morten Granau – The Collective (Original Mix)

Sam Paganini – Rave (Original Mix)

Royksopp – Sordid Affair (Fehrplay Remix)

Jel Ford – Backyard (Original Mix)

Deadmau5 – Strobe (Full Length Version)

Monkey Safari – Cranes (Kolsch Remix)

Orbital and Angelo Badalamenti – Beached (Long Version)

3 Hour Mix for EDM Sound System with Dedication to Andrea Brannon

logoTonight’s Valentine’s Day, but if you’re not too busy being romantic/naughty, check out my 3-hour melodic masterpiece of a DJ mix on EDM Sound System.  It airs tonight from 9pm to midnight on Atlanta’s WREK, 91.1 FM.  You can stream it live tonight–or replay the episode for the next couple of weeks–at this link:  ***Now on Soundcloud, see below

This mix is a truly special one for me because I’ve done it as a dedication to Andrea Brannon, my friend who passed away this week.  Andrea, along with her partner Affection Jon, were Eris Revolution, the promoter/DJs of the TRANSCEND parties that I played many times.  She was an amazing woman and a bright light in NYC’s dance music scene. She will be missed.  You can hear the dedication to her right at the top of the mix, plus plenty of trance and some Depeche Mode in her honor.   Hope you can check it out.  And enjoy this beautiful Valentine’s Night!

Show and Tell Tuesday

Show and Tell Tuesday with Holie Barker and Ayesha AdamoOk, so Show and Tell Tuesday: it’s something cute I’m doing with my BFF and former roommate Holie Barker lately.  Basically, we show stuff.  And tell about it.  On a Tuesday.  Show and Tell…like when you were a kid.  Except kinda “adult” sometimes.

It all started this Fall, when we were shooting with our favorite photographer, John DeAmara.  We decided to take some video of us talking and interviewing him about photo stuff.  Holie said we need to do a show like this together, just to do it.  Then at some point during the dinner after our annual Nutcracker ballet tradition–as my parents were getting both Holie and me tipsy on champagne–I suggested show and tell…you know, like in Kindergarten.  And Holie finished the sentence with Tuesday.  And now, it’s something we’re doing on a weekly basis.  Check out some recent episodes here:

It’s Light-Up Baby Jesus Season, Motherfuckers

ItsLightUpBabyJesusSeason3Back by popular demand, Little Custard (of Decorative Gourds fame) is here to wish you a joyous holiday season in her own special way.  In other words, this video is not safe for church. Along the way, Custard divulges a few Illuminati secrets, which I think you’ll find thoroughly informative.  I couldn’t figure out how to embed the Funny or Die version of this, so here it is À la Youtube:

Alchemical Disco: Live Rehearsal Tape!

AlchemicalDiscoLiveFor the first time ever, check out Alchemical Disco playing live in this in-studio rehearsal tape!  This mini-set includes Firebird, Atomic and a top secret unreleased opening track. Enjoy!


DJing at Pacha this Saturday, November 8th!

20141108-cosmicgateFrom Eris Revolution, the creators of the legendary TRANSCEND parties, comes a truly epic night of Trance at Pacha NYC!

This Saturday, November 8th, I’ll be playing the early set (10pm to Midnight) downstairs at Pacha, starting off deep and getting progressively more trance-y, while German duo Cosmic Gate will be headlining the main floor.  Better yet, it’s only $10 if you’re on the guestlist–just email with the name and email of each guest.  Full details can be found here on the facebook invite:

Planning to drop some brand new stuff, forthcoming on Newroz Recordings.  Can’t wait to see you there…with glowsticks!

Atomic at #20 in the Music Week Club Charts!

Alchemical Disco's Atomic reaches #20 on Music Week Club Chart


Probably the best treat of my Halloween is having our first single as Alchemical Disco show up at #20 on the Music Week UK Commercial Pop Club charts.  We’re also at #92 on Music Week’s Upfront Club charts.  Big ups to all the great DJs in the UK that have been playing our track!  Happy Halloween!


Listen to Trance on the Porch broadcast on TRANSCEND 5 on Soundcloud

Missed my Live at TRANSCEND 5 mix on Trance on the Porch Radio?  No worries, I just posted the broadcast version on Soundcloud!   Pumped that the mix made it to #24 on Beatport’s mixes chart too! 🙂

Firebird Reviewed on The Noise Gate

NoiseGateLogoWow, check out this great review of Firebird on The Noise Gate!

So delighted with all the support we’ve been getting on this release.  Amazing to see our little Firebird taking flight!

Firebird and unreleased TRANSCEND mix on the Radio

Alchemical Disco - FirebirdIf you haven’t checked it out yet, my latest single with Alchemical Disco, Firebird, is out now on Beatport.  Here’s the link:

What’s even better is that Firebird will be opening the Trance on the Porch radio show for this week, which airs starting tonight and through Wednesday on various syndicated stations, listed below.  Plus, the mix section of the show will feature my 80 minute unreleased live mix from the TRANSCEND party back in February.  This show is not to be missed.  Check out the times below–plus WERU-FM streams recent shows on-demand so you don’t have to be tied down by timing.

WERU-FM 89.9 FM from Blue Hill/Bangor, ME ( Friday nights at midnight Eastern Time.

***Stream recent shows on-demand here:


KSMR-FM 92.5 FM and 94.3 FM from Winona, MN ( Sunday mornings at 1AM Central Time.

WCRS-FM 98.3 FM and 102.1 FM from Columbus, OH ( Tuesday nights at midnight Eastern Time.

WTJU-FM 91.1 FM from Charlottesville, VA ( Sunday mornings at 3AM Eastern Time.

WSLR-FM 96.5 FM from Sarasota, FL ( Friday mornings at 1AM Eastern Time.

WXOJ-FM 103.3 FM from Northampton/Florence, MA ( Saturday nights at 9PM Eastern Time (may be pre-empted).

WYAP-LP 101.7 FM from Clay, WV ( Friday and Saturday night at 11PM Eastern Time.

KPVL-FM 89.1 FM from Decorah, IA ( Friday nights at midnight Central Time.

WAZU-FM 90.7 FM from Peoria, IL ( Sunday mornings at 3AM Central Time.

KEOS-FM 89.1 FM from Bryan/College Station, TX ( Saturday evenings at 11PM Central Time.


Detour Music 105.3 FM from Knoxville, TN ( Friday nights at 8PM Eastern Time.

Geneva Radio from Geneva, NY ( Saturday mornings at 1AM Eastern Time.

PLUS random Pacifica Affiliates that air TOTP from time to time. Contact your local station and request Trance on the Porch!

Firebird #1 on Kings of Spins: Smell the Feathers.

Our soon-to-be released single, Firebird, made it to #1 on Kings of Spins!  This is the second release I’ve been working on as part of Alchemical Disco, available on Beatport September 10th.  It’s got an Eric Prydz vibe and features epic arpeggios and lush chord progressions done on the analog modular synth at our Brooklyn studio.  Get ready to smell the feathers!


Atomic on the Radio and Interview for Electro Wow

Alchemical DIsco Atomic Album CoverAs you probably already know if you found your way to my blog, the debut release from Alchemical Disco (my new music project) is out now on Beatport.  Since its release on July 23rd, it’s made the genre releases charts on Beatport (#23 in Electro House, #26 in Indie Dance/Nu Disco, and #89 in Tech House), and landed my partner Lucius and me on many dance music websites and blogs, including this great interview for Electro Wow:

On top of all that, starting tonight (Friday 8/22) and through next Wednesday, you can hear Atomic on the radio as the opening track of this week’s episode of Trance on the Porch, a weekly trance and progressive show on KZGM in Missouri and syndicated nationally.  Here’s a list of stations and air-times for Trance on the Porch (in semi-random order), check it:

KSMR-FM 92.5 FM and 94.3 FM from Winona, MN ( Sunday mornings at 1AM Central Time.

WERU-FM 89.9 FM from Blue Hill/Bangor, ME ( Friday nights at midnight Eastern Time.

WCRS-FM 98.3 FM and 102.1 FM from Columbus, OH ( Tuesday nights at midnight Eastern Time.

WTJU-FM 91.1 FM from Charlottesville, VA ( Sunday mornings at 3AM Eastern Time.

WSLR-FM 96.5 FM from Sarasota, FL ( Friday mornings at 1AM Eastern Time.

WXOJ-FM 103.3 FM from Northampton/Florence, MA ( Saturday nights at 9PM Eastern Time (may be pre-empted).

WYAP-LP 101.7 FM from Clay, WV ( Friday and Saturday night at 11PM Eastern Time.

KPVL-FM 89.1 FM from Decorah, IA ( Friday nights at midnight Central Time.

WAZU-FM 90.7 FM from Peoria, IL ( Sunday mornings at 3AM Central Time.

KEOS-FM 89.1 FM from Bryan/College Station, TX ( Saturday evenings at 11PM Central Time.


Detour Music 105.3 FM from Knoxville, TN ( Friday nights at 8PM Eastern Time.

Geneva Radio from Geneva, NY ( Saturday mornings at 1AM Eastern Time.

PLUS random Pacifica Affiliates that air TOTP from time to time. Contact your local station and request Trance on the Porch!

TRANSCEND 4: Top 25 on Beatport Mixes

DJ Ayesha Adamo Live at TRANSCEND 4.  Photo by Rhake WinterIn case you missed it, here’s my last mix of 2013: TRANSCEND Volume 4.  It made it all the way up to #23 on the Beatport mixes countdown, which is especially great because it’s my personal favorite mix of the series so far.

Recorded live at Dark Room, NYC on September 25th, this volume has some deeper, more techno vibes.  I’m particularly fond of the old Platipus Records sampling over the new Japanese Popstars track, Out of Nowhere, that comes early on in the 90-minute journey.  Brilliant and daring stuff…if I do say so myself!  😉

More to come in 2014.  But for now, check out the mix on Beatport below.  Photo by Rhake Winter.

New Ballet Photos by John DeAmara

Brilliant photographer John DeAmara does it again!  Here are the pics from our last amazing shoot in Brooklyn.  Enjoy!


It’s Decorative Gourd Season, Motherfuckers

Let’s celebrate the weird-ass squash that’s undeniably the cornerstone of Thanksgiving as we know it. Check out this festive piece, penned by Colin Nissan and performed by my alter ego, Little Custard. Laugh and give thanks:


DJ Ayesha Adamo in the Beatport Top 40

Transcend2CoverIn a grand streak of awesomeness, my most recent live DJ mix, TRANSCEND 2, reached #40 on the Beatport Top 100 mixes!

This new one is a blend of progressive and deep trance grooves, that combines the latest from Pryda and Michael Woods with a few timeless Twilo favorites from back in the day.  TRANSCEND 2 weaves seamlessly through mind-splitting mixes, with over 90 minutes of dancefloor sexiness.  Live at TRANSCEND Volume 2 was recorded live at Dark Room, NYC, on 5/22/2013.  Cover photo by John DeAmara.

Click here to get this mix in super 320 kbps quality:

DJ Ayesha Adamo Live at TRANSCEND

Check out my latest DJ mix, recorded live at Dark Room on the Lower East Side.  This recording is the opening set of the very first night of TRANSCEND—an all new weekly party brought to you by the Trance music impresarios at Eris Revolution.

Starting out in Tech House, this mix builds all the way through Progressive into Trance.  You’ll want to grab your glowsticks and call in sick on Thursday for sure.  Recorded live on May 8, 2013.  Cover photo by John DeAmara.


Punks and Jailbirds for Alternet

screen_shot_2013-05-18_at_11.05.06_amWho can manage to diss Rooney Mara and Conceptual Art all in one great article on the Punk exhibit at The Met?  Many birds, one stone: how I roll?  Check it out here on Alternet:

And as if that weren’t enough, here’s another piece I did on the perennially awesome Lauryn Hill…who got into a little trouble recently:

Just in case you missed them in my previous posts, here are links to my other recent Alternet articles on Spring Breakers, as well as an introduction to the many genres of Electronic Dance Music:

On Spring Breakers (2 parts):

On Electronic Dance Music:

New Live DJ mix from Orchid Evenings!

OrchidEveCoverAt long last, I’ve finally posted an hour mix from one of my sets at New York Botanical Garden’s Orchid Evenings in April.

Spinning World Music for a change was an amazing challenge, and I think you’ll agree that journeying outside my usual EDM box has allowed me to create a mix that’s truly unique and special.

This set is from the evening of April 12th, and journeys from lush loungy terrain all the way through to thumping Latin House, spanning continents and decades of international sounds.  The fusion and play between traditional World Music and dance genres dominates throughout, and the live Arabic remix of Tube & Berger’s “Imprint of Pleasure” is enough to make DJ aficionados weep with joy.  Heck, I even include a Salsa mix of my namesake song—kind of like spelling my own name out in the notes of a fugue 😉

Play it.  Download it.  Enjoy it.  Vive la différence!  This mix is hot.

Special thanks to Victor Chu for the cover photo.

DJing Orchid Evenings!

World Music: it’s a crazy thing, but some of these people actually recorded their songs without using a click track!  (All you DJs out there know what I’m talking about).  Luckily the music itself is amazing and I’m excited to be spinning it tonight, tomorrow, and for the next few Fridays among the lovely tropical orchids for Orchid Evenings at the New York Botanical Garden (the big one in the Bronx, not Brooklyn).  I got a chance to check it out this past month when my friend Julio was DJing and I can tell you first hand that it’s a beautiful and spectacular night out.

I’ll be DJing on April 5th, 6th, 12th, and 19th (all Fridays, and the 6th, which is a Saturday).  The event begins at 6:30pm until 9pm, and the Orchid Show itself is just a short walk from the Metro North stop.  I’ll be playing all World Music (blended with some electronic stuff), which has had me up to my ears in djembe and sitar for the past few weeks.  Tickets are $30 for non-members, $20 for members.  21 and over.

Here’s a link to info about the event:

And here’s a more direct link to purchase tickets:

New Articles on Alternet

Somewhere in between performing finger-tapping choreography in a cell phone commercial and compiling a Sitar Songbook for my DJing gig at the New York Botanical Gardens, I’ve been doing a lot of writing for  The two-part article that I did on Harmony Korine’s fantastic new film Spring Breakers has been trending pretty heavily, with part 2 appearing on and making the top 10 most popular on Alternet.  Be warned: this article goes pretty deep, looking beyond the film into the reality of youth, sexuality, and exploitation—from Girls Gone Wild to Backroom Casting Couch. It took a lot from me to write it.

Another article I wrote outlines various subgenres of Electronic Dance Music, and is helpful reading for anyone trying to decipher dubstep or pinpoint the difference between house and techno.

Here are links to them all:

Spring Breakers, Part 1:

Spring Breakers, Part 2:

EDM explained: