TRANSCEND 4: Top 25 on Beatport Mixes

DJ Ayesha Adamo Live at TRANSCEND 4.  Photo by Rhake WinterIn case you missed it, here’s my last mix of 2013: TRANSCEND Volume 4.  It made it all the way up to #23 on the Beatport mixes countdown, which is especially great because it’s my personal favorite mix of the series so far.

Recorded live at Dark Room, NYC on September 25th, this volume has some deeper, more techno vibes.  I’m particularly fond of the old Platipus Records sampling over the new Japanese Popstars track, Out of Nowhere, that comes early on in the 90-minute journey.  Brilliant and daring stuff…if I do say so myself!  😉

More to come in 2014.  But for now, check out the mix on Beatport below.  Photo by Rhake Winter.

New Ballet Photos by John DeAmara

Brilliant photographer John DeAmara does it again!  Here are the pics from our last amazing shoot in Brooklyn.  Enjoy!


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